What should you do to
relieve symptoms?

Dry Eye relief for
chronic condition

To relieve dry eye symptoms and
improve your day, you should carry out
a series of sessions using the ACTIVA
device from SBM Sistemi, which heats
and massages the Meibomian glands.

Complete heating and massage

This innovative eye-mask provides a
complete heating and automatic
massage technology in a single device
fast and painless.

Activa can be rented and used from
the comfort of your own home or used
in a clinic with the help of a doctor.

Why Activa?
Painless and relaxing
Immediate relief
No specialist required to operate
the device
Customize the number of sessions
available for the rental period
The validated disinfection
procedures ensures protection
from infections
Immediate feeling of relief and
Heating and massage technology for
a fast and practical solution

Dry Eye relief for
non-severe condition

You may be able to manage your
non-severe dry eyes disease with frequent
eyelid washing and use of eyedrops or
other products that help lubricate your

Washing your eyelids to control oil flow
and inflammation

Frequent and gentle eyelid washing may
help people with blepharitis, meibomian
glands disfunction and other conditions
that cause eyelid inflammation and that
blocks the flow of oil to the eye.

To wash your eyelids:
Apply a warm washcloth to your eyes.
Wet a clean cloth with warm water. Hold
the cloth over your eyes for five minutes.
Rewet the cloth with warm water when it
cools. Gently rub the washcloth over your
eyelids including the base of the eyelashes
to loosen any debris.
Use a mild soap on your eyelids. Use baby
shampoo or another mild soap. Put the
cleanser on your clean fingertips and
gently massage your closed eyes near the
base of your eyelashes. Rinse completely.

Your doctor may recommend that you do
this daily, even when your dry eye
symptoms have been relieved. Stopping
this daily routine may allow your
symptoms to return